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Are you looking for an exciting business opportunity? Do want to stop working for someone else and start building your own dream? Well feast your eyes on your own pizza store; and not just any pizza store; REGINOS PIZZA. A superb pizza store that makes their pizza with the best cheese in the market.

Welcome to Reginos Pizza®

Reginos Pizza, an emerging leader for Pizzas in the Greater Toronto Area, is delighted to serve you with many locations close to your home. At Reginos, we take pride in serving you with fresh and delicious pizzas with absolutely high quality ingredients. We employ highly trained staff team which is known for its customer service, innovation and experience.

There are many reasons why people prefer Reginos Pizzas, here are few:

  • Our Pizzas are made of freshly prepared dough at each location
  • We offer a wide variety of delicious toppings
  • Our prices are extremely reasonable
  • We offer many “REAL” specials on a regular basis as an appreciation for our customers
Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we respect the needs of our customers and try our best to meet those needs quickly and effectively. We value your privacy. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, you can rest assured that your information is safe with us and will not be shared with anyone.

Since 1998, Reginos Pizza has been offering customers one of the finest quality of pizza in Ontario Like parent guiding their children Reginos Pizza will provide complete training to its newest investors until the training wheels comes off; after all we are a family. We'll work with you to prepare your menus, and you'll learn how to keep your customers happy. We want you to succeed because if you succeed, so do we!


There are many ways to market your product. Most people will already have a general idea in boosting sales. But just in case if you need help, not to worry. We are experts and we will teach you. We have a good history with our customer communication skills and an awesome record in building businesses through excellent marketing. From Facebook to direct mail to public relations;Reginos Pizza will drive customers to its door.


If you're looking for a serious business opportunity then shoot out an email or call. Or feel free to drop by one of our stores and talk to our manager/owners. Be part of one of Canada’s best quality pizza store.

For further information, [email protected]